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We as Visual Interior are one of the leading interior designing firms which operate in the NCR region. We believe in the customer-centric approach and we are more a customer-obsessed company rather than a competition obsessed company.

We have a team of experts who have a passion for designing and they have years of domain experience and that is the reason that we are who we are today a household name. We follow a very professional approach in dealing with our clients.

We use ultra-modern machinery to design home, rooms, offices, exterior, interior, farmhouse, etc with Swiss watch precision and finishing that is unmatched. Our team of experts have a passion for the work and their main focus is on delivering as per the client’s requirement with a minimum cost which is our USP also. Our experts work in complete coordination with our clients so that no stone is left unturned in terms of customer satisfaction.

Visual Interior has expertise in making a very ordinary space to look extraordinary with minimum budget and less time as these two factors are very important when it comes to renovating a space.

So, whenever you have any requirement for renovation work for your home, office or any other space feel free to touch base with us for a free consultation and our experts will guide you accordingly as per your convenience.


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Visual Interiors India believe that home is a refection of once personality and taste. We take this thing in consederation before designing a residential space. Our designs covers all the areas which comes in a residential space be it kitchen, bathroom, living room, dinning room etc. We choose the curtains other necessary uphostry which matches the combination of your room and then move forward in designing.


Office design reflects the goal and principles of your office and is very imprtant to stay a foot ahead from our competeros. Our team of designers not only design the office space but also keep in mind the vision that the office has. The designs are made in such a way that the over all office space becomes a lovely and happy spaces. Which not only gives a new look to the office but also increase the productivity of the employees which is very important.


There is a old saying that first impresson is the last impression which is true also when it comes to a buisness.
Our experts designers know this thing and they design the stores and other comercial spaces in Delhi NCR keeping in mind the nature of the buisness. In terms of comercial designs our experts have a lot to offer you.


Book an Appointment with us! Call us or leave a request for an appointment online at Visual Interior India We will send our site-expert to do an initial assessment of your site and help you with the best design.

After understanding your requirement we will showcase some of the designs which suits your taste once we both are sure that we understand each other taste of the designs.

  1. BUILD & INSTALLWe will conduct detailed site Inspection & easurement of your property and will conduct a scope capture session to understand your space + your project requirements in detail.


We and our partners will execute everything from civil work to wall treatments and sends you regular status updates.  At the end you will get a dream space you wanted.


Why choose us?

High Street Home & Office Interior Design Services in Noida, Delhi NCR – Visual Interior India.

Visual Interior India is a organisation who deals in designing home and office interiors with best of quality and high end design. We have got a expertise in the domain and we have a team of highly skilled professionals who design offices and home interiors giving our custmers a high end living experiense. Our experts give a right consulting after visting the site which is in your budget and yet best for you.

Visual Interior India are very passanate in what we do and that is the reason that it makes us a trusted brand for our clients. We are not competition obsesed buty we are custer obsessed and our main focus is on building a healthy and professional custmer realtion.

Services that offered by Visual Interior India for residential spaces.

We have a team of young and dynamic professinals who delever the residential interior as per the clients requirement and as per there budget. All these services that are provided by Visual Interiors are delevered by ultra morden machenery which are installed in our facility which are of international standads to match the needs of today. Our clients get a value for there money and they also get a high end living experience as if they are living inthe lap of luxury.

The homes that are designed by us are a source of inspiration to our peers. Our interior designers choose the correct curtains, decorative pieces, up hostry and other furnishing items for the home which blenned together give the space a totally new and luxurious look.All these activities are done keeping in mind the clients specifications as to what is required by the cleint. So once you will get associated with us that is a assurance from our side that you will get fantastic results which will complement your room setting also.

Interior designing for commercial space.

As we are one of the leading Interior desiging company which is operating in the Delhi NCR region. Our focus is not only in desiging the homes but we also are pioneers as far as desiging the comercial space is concerned. We believe that the design of a commercial space reflects the growth of your buisness and it’s values. So our experts work around this idea keeping the idea given by the clients which is always paramount for us.

Being a professional entity we are also flexible in our approcah when it is required. The designs that are sugegsted to our clients are very affoardable and are also very high end striking a right balance. When we design a commercial space our main focus is to design the space in such as way that it is a extension of the idea of the brand. All the designs are created by a tea of experts who keeps in mind the nees of the clients.

Designing Office space.

As we all know that it is a compettive age and office interior plays a very imprtant part if you want to be ahead of your competters. Office interiors is a reflection of the vision of your oraganisation and it also reflectes the type of working enviourment you have in your company. Our experts will design your office space which will not only reflect the vision of your organization but also it will give a lively enviourment to your office and will also increase the propductivity of the employees.

The desiging of the office space is done by our experts with deep consultaion which is for long term, as we all know that offices are not desigend on regular intervals. All this consultation is done with the cordination by the high level management to give a totaly new look and feel to the office with a estemated budget. We also understand the time factor and so our desiging is done in minimum possible time period.

Designing Exterior spaces.

We also design the exterior spaces using the morden tecnology like 3D-2D modelling under the supervion of our experts. This service is offered by our experts with unmatched design and creativity as the whole designing concept is based on creativity only. We are well equiped to cater multiple industry needs with a cost effective budget which is parmount.

We not only specialises in desiging your home interiors but we are also capable to design your home exteriors. As the interior of a home is a reflection of one’s taste the exterior also define who you are an d where you live.Once you will assocoate with us you will get ultra morden designs and with timely delevery of the project which is very important.

Identifying the need for a interior designer?

In today’s world everyone wants to live in place which is luxurious and which give you a high end living experience and reflects your taste. Al this can only be done under the able guidence of a experienced and able interior designer.

You can hire a interior designer if you are planning to buy a new home or the second condition is that you can hire a interior deigner when you think that your place needs be renovated. These two parameters decides that whether you are in a need of hiring a interior designer.

A interior desiner do a need analysis and decides that what kind of a interior is most suited and will be in your budget. Once all this is finalized then the interior designer starts his work, the trats of a experienced interior designer is that he will save your time, money and energy and will complete your project in a given time period and in a budget that is decided.

Planning and Budget specification.

If you have already decided on a budget and you have planned to re design your home, in that case you can contact Visual Inetrior India and leave rest to us. Our experts will do what ever is required in terms of redisging your space in a budget of your choice and with best of qualioty, giving you a experience of linving in the lap of luxury.

Professional Approach towards the work.

An expert interior designer is a person who has professional approach towards the work. he is the once who analysies the situation very professionaly and decide that what can be used further and what needs to be left out or altered. he is a guy who gives your space a new make over.

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